What to expect from NEWA®?

The Newa was designed to be a skin rejuvenating device that can be used in the comfort of your home. With this device, you can expect to:


  • Experience a warm massage on your face that stimulates a younger looking appearance

Apply the Activator gel to the device and treat your skin with a warm massage that results with firmer and rejuvenated skin. It is a simple, relaxing and soothing experience!


  • Quick results

Some individual's noticed visible results after just one treatment! Your skin will feel smoother, look more refined and feel more firm*. After the treatment, you may notice mild redness on the skin but it will quickly fade*.

You can notice the differences by gently pulling on your skin before and after the treatment. You will feel an improvement with the elasticity and firmness of your skin on the areas you have treated.


  • Long Term Results

Most users found that after a full month of using the Newa, their skin had restored its elasticity and had an overall more youthful appearance*. The Newa stimulates new formations of collagen in your skin. You will notice a gradual improvement over a six-month period of regular treatments with your skin looking and feeling firmer, youthful and radiant*.


The Newa is one of the market’s most innovative and effective home use, skin rejuvenating device. Many individuals wordwide have seen positive results from using the Newa regularly. Treat yourself to the Newa today!



*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.  



*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.