How to Achieve Successful Results using Newa®

Before you dive right into your new Newa device, we advise you to carefully read over the user manual. It will give you a thorough explanation of what to expect* with Newa and the proper routine to follow to achieve optimal results.

We recommend our users to keep a journal of their process so they can keep track of their treatments. It will help ensure that you see optimal results*. By keeping a journal of your treatments, you will have a record of the treatments performed, the duration of each treatment and the areas that have been treated.

For optimal results, it is recommended that you use the Newa treatment five times a week during the first month of use.  After the first month, you are not required to use it as regularly.

To maintain your results, it is advised that you use the treatment twice a week, after the first month of use. Each treatment should be 4 minutes long and remember to not exceed more than one treatment a day.

Take note of the date of the treatments and the heat settings in your journal. Write out your observations and progress so you can be aware of how the Newa is treating your skin.


 *Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.