NEWA® 3DEEP® Skin Rejuvenation

The Newa incorporates 3Deep technology.  This devices helps to stimulate the collagen that is being

produced in your skin, while also helping with the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. After a month of continual use, your skin will may regain its youthful appearance.




The Newa 3Deep technology can be used around the whole face, taking extra caution around the eye area.

Collagen and elastin fibers in our skin tends to weaken as we age causing the skin on our face to begin to

sag and loosen. The Newa provides a gentle heat to the surface of the skin, which helps stimulate and

enhance the reproduction of collagen and elastin fibers. This device can be used on all skin types.


By following a consistent routine, you can achieve optimal results from the Newa treatment. It’s recommended

that the Newa treatment be applied five times a week with four minute treatments during the first month.

After the first month, continue applying the treatment twice a week to maintain the stimulation.


The device comes with a built in sensor that reminds you to maintain a circular motion and to not focus

one area for a lengthy period of time. The built in temperature sensor in the device prevents the device from

overheating. A gentle vibration will remind you that four minutes is up, and you should treat the next area.


Take it anywhere with you!

The Newa is a portable device that can be taken anywhere. It comes with a carrying case and wall plug.


How To Use The Device

Simply take it out of the case, plug it in, remove the safety cap and begin treating your face after you have

applied the Activator gel. Start off with the lowest heat setting, gradually increasing it to your preference

and move the device in circular motion to evenly distribute the heat. Don’t worry about time as the device will

automatically shut off after a gentle vibrate letting you know when the four minutes is up. The innovative device

with built in sensors will help you achieve optimal results by giving you a professional treatment at a fraction of

the cost, at your own convenience!