Newa General Questions

What is Newa?

Newa is a home use anti-aging and skin rejuvenation treatment that utilizes radiofrequency energy to improve the overall texture of your skin.


Who is Newa’s manufacturer?

Endymed Medical is a medical technology company  that produces and designs radiofrequency products for skin rejuvenation. The company developed the 3Deep Technology while has given dermatologists and physicians the opportunity to provide their clients with advanced overall skin care improvements. Endymed is emerging as a leader in the skin rejuvenation market by providing great solutions to consumers looking for great skin care improvements.


How does the Newa work?

Elastin and collagen fibers are key factors that help with the condition of your skin. The collagen fibers help with the strength and tone of the skin while elastin fibers help with the flexibility and elasticity of the skin. The amount of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis progressively decrease with age. With the decrease in collagen and elastin fibers, the skin loosens, which causes the sagging and wrinkles we find. By utilizing the 3Deep technology, Newa helps distribute energy into the skin tissue to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.


How does the Newa remodel and reproduce collagen?

The 3Deep technology is designed to tighten existing collagen fibers while producing new collagen and elastin fibers at the same time. This is done through the distribution of radiofrequency energy into the skin tissue where collagen and elastin is formed. The Newa provides gentle heat to the dermis layer to help stimulate the reproduction without overheating and damaging the skin.


What differentiates Newa from anti-aging creams?

Regular skin care products are developed to improve the outer layers of the skin. On the other hand, Newa is developed to help stimulate the inner layers of the skin, which produces the collagen and elastin fibers.


Am I able to use other products will using the Newa?

You may continue using your regular skin care products for moisturising and cleansing but be sure to only use the Newa Activator Gel during the treatments.


What differentiates Newa other cosmetic procedures?

3Deep is developed to be non-invasive, safe and painless. Utilising the radiofrequency technology, the Newa provides a  warming effect to the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin fibers.


What differentiates Newa from other devices that helps with skin rejuvenation?

In many cases, other radiofrequency based devices only incorporate one or two electrodes, which are not as effective compared to the six electrodes that is in the Newa. 3Deep uses positive and negative energy sources to deliver a level of energy that is harmless and effective to the skin. Generally, laser devices designed for home use do more harm than good. Newa is able to prove its credibility through trials and successful users.


Is it safe to use the Newa?

The Newa device is designed with safety precautions highly considered. The device will automatically turn off to avoid overheating, has a blinking LED for level of energy, temperature indicator as well as motion sensor.


Who does Newa benefit? Is it suitable for anyone?

Generally, once people hit the age of 30, they will start noticing wrinkles and fine lines. Anyone who wants to reduce wrinkles and fine lines from the comfort of their home will gain from Newa treatments. This treatment is suitable for all skin tones as well as skin types.


Has there been any clinically proven results?

Through multiple clinical studies conducted, it’s been proven that the 3DEEP technology is highly effective and has been proven by thousands of professional treatments performed by dermatologists all over the world. Through studies and results, the Newa Skin Rejuvenation System has proven to be able to effectively lessen the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines as well improve overall skin texture, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation.


Is NEWA dermatologist-tested?

The Newa Skin Rejuvenation System incorporates the renowned 3Deep technology. 3DEEP technology has been thoroughly tested through treatments performed with dermatologists worldwide. Like the other FDA-cleared 3DEEP professional systems, Newa is able to effectively and safely perform skin rejuvenation and tightening treatments.


Is the Newa treatment painful?

The Newa treatments is designed with the user in mind, and is not painful at all. The energy radiating from the radio frequency is developed to be able to grasp the inner layers of your skin without damaging the outer layer. There will be a warm slush during the treatment caused by the electrodes but it has a soothing sensation to it.


Is it necessary to avoid the sun when using the Newa?

The Newa does not increase the sensitivity of your skin. Take extra care of your skin if you know that you’re going to be in the sun for a lengthy period, as too much sun exposure is harmful to your skin. However, if you are suffering from a sunburn, it is not recommended to use the Newa as it will be painful and cause great discomfort. Resume the Newa treatment after the redness from the burn has faded.


Is it still possible to use the Newa if I have lacerations?

If you have visible wounds, blisters, or any other abnormal skin conditions, it is best to avoid the Newa.


Can the Newa be used for any type of skin condition?

It is best to avoid the Newa Skin Rejuvenating Treatment if you suffer from acne, eczema, rosacea and/or any other types of skin conditions or issues. You should consult a dermatologist first before going forward with the Newa treatment.


Can the Newa be used year-round?

Yes, you can use the Newa at any time of the year. Take extra precautions when using the device at the same time as tanning devices. The NEWA should not be used on skin that is burned.


How long do the results from the Newa treatment last?

Although results varies, you can expect your results to last for a few months. With ongoing maintenance, your results can remain indefinitely.


What is the Newa Activator gel?

The activator gel is specifically formulated to work in correlation with the Newa device to enhance the heat energy that is delivered to the skin. While it helps the Newa to work at optimal levels, it also adds moisture to the skin, resulting in a radiant glow.


Is the gel included in the Newa kit?



How many treatments can be done with one Activator gel tube?

The activator gel that is included in the kit should be able to last close to 20 full treatments.


Is it necessary to use the Newa gel with the device?

For optimal results, it is best to use the Newa activator gel with the Newa as it was specially formulated to deliver the best results in correlation with the Newa.


What is the lifespan of the gel before it hits expiration?

3 years.


Why is it necessary to use the Activator gel with the Newa?

The Activator gel is like the middle person between the device and the user. It helps the device deliver the appropriate level of energy into the skin. There is also tightening and soothing properties in the gel which work in correlation with the device for the best outcomes.


Is the gel dermatologically tested?



Do I have to remove the activator gel after treatment?

It is not necessary to completely remove the gel from the face after the treatment. Just wipe off any excess amounts.