Newa Edison Award 2013

Newa incorporates the 3Deep radiofrequency technology developed by EndyMed to help provide a painless, side-effect free, and impressive skin tightening and rejuvenating treatment. Through radiofrequency technology, the Newa heats the dermis to a suitable temperature that will effectively produce and improve the collagen and elastin fibers.


The device and technology was awarded the Edison Bronze award at the Science/Medical category under Aesthetics. The Edison Awards has been recognizing and honouring innovative leaders around the world since 1987. This award was named after Thomas Alva Edison, who marked his name as a great developer with his great product innovations and market development methods, His success earned him 1093 U.S patents and his achievements is recognized world wide. The Edison Awards symbolizes the legacy left by Thomas Edison, who enhanced the innovative and creative drive in developers.


The Edison Awards are considered as one of the most prestigious awards that honours the quality of new developments, innovations and design. The award recognizes both the innovators and innovations. Concept, value, delivery and impact are the four criteria that are assessed for the award. The Edison Award is a great representation of the success of the innovator and innovation.





In 2015, the Newa brought home the “best technology” award for Home Beauty Care Device presented by DRESS magazine, a reputable beauty magazine in Japan.



Product Awards - JAPAN:

  • 2014     ‘Best cosmetic’                 Beauty tool award
  • 2015     ‘ELLE Marriage’           Beauty award first place
  • 2015     ‘@Cosme’                          Best selling beauty tool
  • 2015      ‘25 Ans’                             Beauty medalist award
  • 2015      ‘DRESS Magazine’        DRESS Beauty Gear Award