What sets the 3DEEP technology apart from other anti-aging technologies?

Technologies that incorporate radiofrequency for skin rejuvenation and overall skin improvements has gone through many generations; the 3DEEP technology is currently the most advanced of all generations. The safe radio waves provide a warm heat to help stimulate the production of collagen in the dermal tissue. With the collaboration of positive and negative electrodes working together, it emits a safe amount of energy for optimal results. The radio frequency energy is emitted directly into the dermal tissue so it avoids the surface of the skin.


How does Radio Frequency work?

Physicians and dermatologists worldwide use radiofrequency for medical and cosmetic procedures. It’s favourable because of its ability to gently warm the inner layers of all skin types without causing any burns. The gentle heat helps the skin reproduce new elastin and collagen fibres which will eventually results in tighter and firmer skin.


Is the 3DEEP safe to use?

The 3DEEP is a form of radio frequency which is known for its safety and soothing effects. The 3DEEP will not limit your daily activities and you can resume any activity after each treatment. The technology is being used for professional treatments worldwide by thousands of dermatologists and physicians. Not only has it been clinically tested, but its effectiveness is also medically proven.


What do doctors have to say about the 3DEEP technology?

Physicians and dermatologists worldwide incorporate the 3DEEP technology into their practices. The pain-free, safe yet powerful device is a great home care device for skin tightening. Many users worldwide have seen effective results after a few weeks of treatments*. 


*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.