Treatment with NEWA® FAQ

What do I need to do before I start using NEWA?

It is important to go through the user manual to ensure that you know the proper steps to follow and for any precautions you may need to take. Before you proceed with each treatment, double check to ensure that your device is functional and the electrodes are clean. The user manual will have a guideline of how to clean your device.

You will want to ensure that you have removed all jewelry, make up and residue before proceeding with Newa. It is important to work on clean and dry skin. Proceed by applying an ample amount of the Activator gel onto the electrodes by making two lines, ensuring that it has covered all the areas of the electrodes.



What should I expect when using the NEWA?

You should feel like you are getting a facial massage from the device. The treatment is gentle on your skin and should not cause any discomfort. There will be a warm sensation on the areas you are treating. The treatment will leave your skin looking and feeling tighter, showcasing younger looking skin. There is a chance that your skin will have a little bit of redness after the treatment but it will quickly fade. The Newa helps your skin generate new collagen which lifts and tighten your skin.



How often should I used Newa?

In order to get the absolute best results from your Newa device, it is recommended that you give your skin the Newa treatment five times a week for the first month. After the first month, in order to maintain the results, it is best to continue use twice a week.


How long should each treatment be?

It is recommended to perform a full 4 minute treatment on each area. After 4 minutes, the energy will diminish and you will feel a mild vibration, indicating that the treatment area is complete and you can move on to the next area. However, it is completely up to you when you want to stop treating the area. You can do so by pressing the power button and removing the device from your skin.


What happens if I don’t follow the first boosting period?

For optimal results, it is recommended to follow the full treatment schedule for the duration of one month. By taking breaks in between each treatment, you are lessening the effectiveness of the results. If you have paused your treatment for a period of time, it is recommended that you repeat the full cycle.



Where will I see the most results?

The results varies for each user, depending on their skin type.



I followed the one month boost but I don’t see any results.

The skin is expected to consistently improve over a 6 month period of regular use and maintenance. After the one month boost period, continue with the treatments twice a week to regulate the collagen in the skin. Results vary for each user. It may take a longer period of time for some users to see results.


Do I have to avoid other anti-aging treatments while using Newa?

It is safe to proceed with your regular dermatological procedures while using Newa. However, if you get Botox or filler injections, wait until 2 weeks after the procedure before you restart your Newa treatment.


Can I repeat a treatment in the same area during the same session?

It is not recommended to repeat treatments on certain areas of your skin. Four minutes is the maximum amount of time that should be spent on the area. If you overheat the area, it may cause damage to the skin. For best results, please follow the recommended guidelines in your NEWA instructional pamphlet.


Can the Newa be used on other body parts?

The Newa is specifically designed to work on facial features.


Can the Newa be used around the eye area?

It can be used around the eye area, but with extra care. Avoid applying it directly over or too close to the iris. Be extra attentive when applying the treatment close to the eye area, as it may cause damage, irritation, or discomfort.


Can I apply makeup after my Newa treatment?

That is perfectly fine. Simply gently remove any excess product on your face before proceeding with your makeup routine.


How can I be sure that I am using the Newa correctly?

There is a LED light on the device that will let you know when your skin has reached the optimal temperature, by switching from a blue to green light. Once the LED colour turns green, continue with that area until the end of the cycle.


I don’t see any improvement! Is my device broken?

You should feel a warm sensation on the treated areas after your treatment. If you feel the warm sensation, it means that your skin is responding well to the treatment. Your skin is expected to become more firm, smoother, and refreshed. It is recommended that you maintain a consistent Newa treatment routine even after the one month treatment; boost your routine by using it twice daily. The results are not immediate and results gradually appear over a period of time and use. The results vary for each skin type.


What do I do if I forget a session?

You can still achieve optimal results if you use Newa twice a week after the one month boost. For best results, it’s best to complete the full one month boost. After the month boost just twice a week is enough to maintain your rejuvenated skin. If at any point during the one month boost you decide to pause your treatment, it’s best to start the full cycle when you resume it. Do not exceed one treatment per day.


Cleaning the device properly

Ensure to the device is powered off and unplugged before cleaning the Newa device. Use a soft dry cloth and wipe down the electrode area to get rid of any remaining gel. Carefully clean between the electrodes thoroughly.


How do I take care of my Newa device?

Maintaining your device regularly can prolong the longevity of the device. Carefully clean the device after each treatment. Avoid doing any damage to your device that could result from dropping it, opening it, or burning it. The Newa device should be stored in a dry and cool area.



Movement Speed

Once the device is in use, move at a reasonable and consistent pace in circular motions.



Use of Activator Gel

Ensure that you are applying the Newa Activator gel onto the electrodes. Apply an even amount across the electrodes, making sure you have covered the electrodes.



What do I do if my device is not working?

Inspect the power connections and ensure that the connector is attached to the device properly. Ensure that the power outlet is working and there is no issue with your fuse.



Does the Newa help eliminate pores?

The main purpose of the Newa is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. As it does improve the overall texture of your skin, you may notice that your pores have tightened as well.


What is the lasting power of the Newa?

The Newa is designed to have a long lasting power. The longevity is determined by the usage of the device.