The Clinical Essentials of NEWA Home Skin Rejuvenation

It’s easy to say age is just a number, but until you’re fighting wrinkles and fine lines, and experiencing the loss of supple skin and your youthful glow, you won’t fully understand the miracle that is the NEWA home skin rejuvenation device. With the rise of a new breed of at-home skin care devices with anti-aging powers that work like a facial massage at home, it’s time we examine the essential clinical factors that make or break the experience, and give you younger-looking skin that’s here to stay – making age truly just a number.

NEWA and Skin Conditions

Sunburnt Skin

While you can use the NEWA home skin rejuvenation device on suntanned skin, having a sunburn should prevent you from using all at home skin care devices, including the NEWA. this is because your skin can be extremely sensitive and even red, and the NEWA uses heat energy to give your skin a restorative facial massage at home. Instead, wait until the redness and sensitivity have disappeared.

Likewise, you should always protect your skin when stepping out in the sun. While the use of at home skin care devices like the NEWA won’t make your skin more photosensitive as it already is, overexposure to sunlight can contribute to skin laxity, or the loss of youth-inducing collagen and elastin. The solution? Never head out without sunscreen!

Broken Skin

Under no circumstances should you use the NEWA if you’re dealing with sores, blisters, or any other abnormal skin condition, as this can cause the condition to worsen, or permanently damage your skin.

Treatment of Skin Conditions

The NEWA is designed for home skin rejuvenation, targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging – not conditions like Rosacea, moles, acne scars, cancerous lesions, warts, open sores, and others. Additionally, your NEWA device should not be used over red skin, or skin with enlarged capillaries.

You should also refrain from using your NEWA device on compromised skin. While its promise of a facial massage at home does a lot for natural skin rejuvenation, it’s not meant to treat more severe skin conditions like acne or eczema. For these, you will want to consult your dermatologist for treatments that will help clear up your skin before you can proceed with the NEWA anti-aging treatments.

Botox or Filler Injections

If you’re getting botox treatments or filler injections, it’s best to wait for 2 weeks before you use your NEWA home skin rejuvenation device as this gives your skin time to heal and recuperate from such invasive treatments.

Rapidly Aging Postmenopausal Skin

As the NEWA skin rejuvenation device gives you a facial massage at home, it can greatly help with aging skin as a result of menopause. The energy from the NEWA device rebuilds collagen from within to reduce your wrinkles, and lift and tighten skin that hormonal changes from menopause causes.

Mom and Baby

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are known to be contraindications to almost any treatment. When you are pregnant or nursing your newborn baby, your body goes through many hormonal changes that cannot be anticipated, and can affect the skin’s condition. As such, it’s important to avoid treatments that cause even more hormonal changes in your body, and wait until you’ve successfully weaned your baby off breast milk to proceed with the use of at home skin care devices. Instead, cherish this time for bonding – your NEWA device still has plenty of time to work wonders on your skin!

Discover the clinical wonders of the NEWA home skin rejuvenation device. Achieve the perfect youthful glow with the facial massage at home each safe treatment gives! Order your NEWA device online today, or call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

3 Safety Tips for Using Your NEWA Skin Tightening Device

Radiofrequency treatments for skin rejuvenation, like what the NEWA device offers, may look like the much-awaited, magical cure for the signs and effects of aging, but a skin tightening device for home use is far from magic. The NEWA does come with risks attributed to radiofrequency treatment, but the good news is, you can protect yourself from them by following the prescribed use of at home skin care devices.

Avoid Side Effects with Recommended Use

Some women have more sensitive skin than others, and when their skin is exposed to new treatments, like RF, some redness, mild swelling, oversensitivity, and sometimes, even sinking. In worst cases, there could be blistering and bruising. Luckily, these side effects occur very rarely and only when you don’t follow the prescribed use of at home skin care devices. Most people who use the NEWA device report no side effects at all.

The correct use of your NEWA skin tightening device at home includes the appropriate Activator Gel for targeting the specific skin condition you want to treat, such as brightening your complexion or clearing your skin of spots and acne marks, in addition to removing wrinkles. Problems arise when you use topical solutions on your skin that don’t work well with the formulation of the Activator Gel, or are packed with chemicals that don’t bode well for the NEWA skin tightening device for home use.

Don’t Expose Yourself to Radiation

Naturally, radiofrequency treatments expose you to small amounts of radiation, which should not cause adverse reactions, even with sensitive skin. Problems only arise when you decide to proceed using at home skin care devices like the NEWA even when you have medical concerns or health issues that make it unsafe for you to be exposed to radiation.

Likewise, if you’re a breastfeeding mom, don’t risk your safety by exposing yourself to radiation, as your body is undergoing hormonal changes, from which skin conditions can also arise.

Safety First

The NEWA skin tightening device is designed for optimal at home use, yet when you neglect common warnings and proceed without reading the instruction manual first, any treatment session could easily go wrong. In severe cases, this oversight resulted in burns, permanent scarring, skin pigmentation, open sores, deeper skin fat loss, and infections.

At home skin care devices like the NEWA are designed to be used for only 4 minutes on a specific treatment area per session. Your NEWA device sends a signal when the treatment of an area is completed, but if you insist on continuing past the recommended time, it might not end well. Using the device longer than recommended won’t speed up your treatments or give you younger-looking skin sooner; this is exactly why unfortunate incidents occur. At the end of the day, it’s important to stick to the NEWA treatment plan, as it was designed with your health and safety in mind.

Your beautiful skin doesn’t have to come at the price of your safety. A safe use of your NEWA skin tightening device for home use is the first step to younger-looking skin. Order your NEWA device online today, or call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

NEWA Skin Rejuvenation Reviews: The Magic that is RF

Everyone’s looking to step up their skin care routine these days, and preserve or bring back their youthful glow. After all, there’s nothing like healthy, clear and supple skin to complete your look, as no amount of makeup can provide the same effect. These days, advanced skin care routines now include the use of radiofrequency (RF) devices, like the NEWA skin rejuvenation device. As more and more beautiful women turn to the RF for glowing skin, learn about their reasons for using RF, as told in their NEWA skin rejuvenation reviews.

Radiofrequency Treatment

Radiofrequency treatments are a non-surgical means of essentially reshaping the body, especially the face, starting beneath the layers of the skin. RF is designed to treat common aging problems that manifest on the skin, like wrinkles, excess fatty tissues, and cellulite.

The NEWA skin rejuvenation device sends RF, which is basically heat energy, deep into the layers of the skin to repair or remodel existing collagen fibers, and stimulate the production of new ones, as this slows down as you age. There may be other invasive procedures that promise the same results, but these require going under the knife, and only affect the most superficial layers of the skin. Unlike those, RF in the NEWA device promotes contraction of the underlying tissues, realigns them, and stimulates the production of new collagen that gives rise to tight, new skin.

Benefits of Radiofrequency Treatment

In their NEWA skin rejuvenation reviews, happy users noted many effects even just after following the one month boosting period, and throughout their regular treatments to maintain optimal results.

Cellulite Removal

As cellulite accumulates over time, it causes skin to bulge and sag, making women look older. However, as noted in their NEWA skin rejuvenation reviews, users were happy to report that the heat generated by RF diminishes the bulging of excess fatty tissues, essentially treating their cellulite and preventing it from accumulating again.

No More Fat

Cellulite is skin-deep body fat, but they’re not entirely the problem. Even worse, general body fat appear on both the skin’s superficial and deeper layers. But luckily, NEWA skin treatment reviews show that RF is able to address excess body fats, regardless of age. The heat emitted by the NEWA device’s RF causes fat to melt, and be naturally drained out from the body, producing results that are at par with surgical methods that aren’t just much expensive, but also far more critical and invasive.

Firm and Tight Skin

Skin naturally loosens as you age, and wrinkles, become even more obvious – and it’s the most common sign of aging women all over the world face. However, others don’t just get wrinkles, but also skin that appears to be excessively lumpy and stretched. With their NEWA skin rejuvenation device, happy users noted in their NEWA skin treatment reviews that RF was able to remodel their skin’s tissues, without having to go under the knife.

Over time, their skin repaired worn out collagen fibers and produced new ones, resulting in tighter, healthier, and absolutely younger-looking skin. With just a few treatments using their NEWA device designed for optimal at-home use, they quickly bid wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, and sagging skin goodbye, for good!

The Contour Effect

Many women have taken to contouring as a makeup technique, while some have gone down the more advanced route of undergoing procedures to reshape their features – but did you know that the NEWA skin rejuvenation device’s RF essentially achieves the same results, without the cost or trouble?

Aside from eliminating cellulite, removing unwanted fats, and tightening the skin, users noted in their NEWA skin rejuvenation reviews that the RF in their device facilitated the reshaping of their face, essentially providing a long-lasting contour effect as their skin improved, and was sculpted back into its youthful shape.

Get your skin back in shape with radiofrequency treatment from your NEWA skin rejuvenation device! Be part of the worldwide phenomenon changing women’s lives, and emerge with younger-looking, glowing skin. Order your NEWA device online today, or call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

Kick Bad Skin Care Habits with the NEWA Home Skin Care System

When it comes to skin care and keeping your skin healthy and looking your best, there’s a blunt truth that’s hard to accept: the larger damage your skin has put up with isn’t caused by a multitude of external factors. The biggest culprit? You. You may not realize it, but through so many of your daily habits, you cause the most damage to your own skin. No matter how much time you put into your daily or nightly skin care routine and use at home skin care devices, without reversing these habits, you’ll still fall far behind the age-defying glow.

Just last week, we explored skin care mistakes we make in the name of improving how we look. Now, it’s time to explore lifestyle habits we often neglect, but luckily, can still correct with the help of the NEWA home skin care system.

Tugging at the Skin Around the Eyes

Did you know that skin is thinnest and most delicate around your eyes? Rubbing it aggressively, or pulling on it while putting on your contacts or eyeliner creates wear and tear that causes it to sag and prematurely develop wrinkles and visible lines. The solution? Use your ring finger as it is the weakest, to lightly dab the NEWA Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream on it, and use a gentle patting motion to avoid rubbing and tugging. The NEWA home skin care system can also effectively treat this area.

Skipping the Sunscreen

Stepping out into the sun without sunscreen is one of the worst, yet most common mistakes you can commit against your skin. The sun’s rays emit harmful UV radiation, causing skin cells to mutate and possibly result in deadly skin cancers, like melanoma. Add to that, chronic radiation and tanning also causes signs of aging, such as wrinkles, sagging skin, brown spots, and uneven skin tone. Luckily, you can fight these effects with the NEWA home skin care system, and boost its effects with the use of the NEWA Brightening Activator Gel and Brightening Night Cream to reverse sun damage and achieve a brighter skin tone and even complexion.

Huff, and Puff Away

It’s been universally acknowledged that nothing good ever came out of smoking – only long-term diseases and complications – and your skin agrees. If you still need one more nudge to quit, the premature aging and wrinkles smoking causes should be a good motivation, along with the increased risk of squamous cell skin cancer. Signs of aging, such as wrinkles caused by a lifelong exposure to smoke can be treated by home skin care devices, like the NEWA home skin care system – but it certainly can’t speak for other health complications. So go ahead, put it out, and never go back.

I’m Your Skin – Remember Me?

Life these days can get very hectic, and you’re always on the go, but it shouldn’t be a reason to forget to look after your skin. And it’s not just cleansing alone that will do the job of taking care of your skin, either. On top of regular cleansing, it’s essential to moisturize, wear sunscreen, and even have yourself screened annually for skin cancer. Add to these, you can take it up a notch when you face the signs of aging head on with home skin care devices like the NEWA.. With the use of radiofrequency energy, collagen fibers in your skin’s deepest layers can be repaired, and stimulated to grow again, resulting in tight skin and a youthful glow that’s here to stay.

Kick these bad habits, and fight their lasting aging effects with the NEWA home skin care system. Order your NEWA device online today, or call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

Correct Self-Inflicted Skin Care Mistakes with the NEWA

Did you know? You are causing more damage to your skin than you think. What’s scary is that you often do so with the hopes of improving the quality of your skin. With the help of your NEWA skin rejuvenation system and anti-aging device, there are actually just a few barriers standing in the way of you and your flawless, younger-looking skin – the biggest of them all is you, and these little mistakes you keep making when trying to take care of your skin. Learn about them here:


No one likes having a face full of pimples, zits, ingrown hairs, blackheads or whiteheads, but no matter how much you want to get rid of them, and you think you can, you’re not a dermatologist, so you shouldn’t be touching them. Picking is actually considered one of the biggest assaults against your skin, and when you do it, it can result in permanent side effects such as scars or discolouration. The more you press, pick and manipulate these blemishes, the more inflammation is created underneath, resulting in scars or discolorations that can last months, if not forever.

Our solution? Make sure to cleanse your face daily to avoid the formation of more blemishes, and try the NEWA Clarifying Activator Gel to use with your NEWA skin rejuvenation system, and before bed, apply the Clarifying Night Cream. Not only do you reap the effects of refreshed and youthful skin, blemishes will also start to clear up to completing your desired look.


Exfoliating is a great way to get rid of dry skin, but it should be done in moderation – and for good reason. Your skin can’t take too much of it, so be sure to exfoliate only once or twice a week to nourish the new healthy cells, instead of killing them with constant scrubbing. The use of your NEWA skin rejuvenation system also keeps your skin cells healthy, starting in the skin’s deepest layers where collagen fibers are formed to maintain your youthful glow.


Washing and cleansing your skin after a long day keeps it clean and healthy, but overdoing it can strip the skin of its natural oils and disrupt its ideal pH levels, especially when using harsh soaps and cleansers. Over-washing can lead to dryness, and even cause the skin to crack, leaving it prone to infections and inflammatory conditions, such as eczema. Add to that, it can highlight signs of aging like wrinkles. To fight the effects over-washing, use your NEWA skin rejuvenation system, and reverse the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Following the Same Skin Care Routine Year-Round

Skin care needs changes with the season and weather, as harsher conditions require different care than others. Unfortunately, not many understand the importance of switching up their skin care routine, resulting in the use of the same products year-round. Here’s what your skin actually needs in each season:

  • Winter: moisturization and hydration products, as the cold causes skin to dry
  • Spring: much like spring cleaning, your skin needs deep pore cleansing and exfoliating to get rid of dry skin from the winter
  • Summer: sun protection and antioxidants, with much-lighter formulation than in colder seasons
  • Fall: increased exfoliation to repair the skin from sun damage in the summer.

But if there’s one thing that should be part of your skin care routine year-round, it’s the NEWA skin rejuvenation system to achieve and maintain your youthful look. No matter how you shift your skin care routine as the seasons change, your NEWA anti-aging device is designed to enhance their effects, while keeping your skin youthful.

Guilty of these common skin care mistakes? Ease up and fight their effects with the NEWA skin rejuvenation system and anti-aging device. Order yours online today, call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

NEWA Product Reviews from Happy Users All Over the World

More and more women are turning to the NEWA home skin care system, and emerging from their homes looking more youthful than ever, in just one month following their treatment. Following the initial boosting phase, and on to their regular anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatments, many women have expressed their delight since turning to the NEWA home skin rejuvenation device for their anti aging treatments. Since then, they’ve shared with us what exactly it is they love about their NEWA anti aging device, and overall experience.

Interested in trying the NEWA, but still need a little extra push? Be inspired by the stories of women all over the world. Read their NEWA product reviews here:

Complete Package in Every NEWA Kit

Happy users noted in their NEWA product reviews how much they loved that each kit already contained everything they needed to use their anti aging device, and begin their youthful transformation right at home. Each kit contains the compact and lightweight NEWA anti aging device, power supply, written instructions and a DVD version, and the Activator Gel, which aids the anti aging device in delivering hat beneath the skin’s surface to stimulate the repair and production of new collagen and elastin fibers to restore your younger appearance.

In their NEWA reviews, users also noted how much they loved the Activator Gel, and the variety it comes in, depending on what you need – Lift, Brightening, Clarifying, and Exfoliate. Their NEWA product reviews also stated that the Activator Gel contributed to the initial plumping and firmness of their skin, which were noticeable even after just their first treatment.

Easy to Use NEWA Anti Aging Device

Users also shared in their NEWA product reviews how easy it was to use the anti aging device. Even if the boosting period required once a day treatments for 5 days over the course of a month, daily treatments only lasted 30 minutes a day, as there are are 6 areas treated, each lasting 4 minutes. It’s Definitely a small price to pay to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Setting up for treatments is very easy too, as proven in NEWA product reviews of those who tried and got the best results from their anti aging device. Simply plug the device in, apply the Activator Gel, and choose a setting that best suits you. In the NEWA reviews they shared, users describe Setting 1 as a more gentle, while getting the skin rejuvenation treatment they need to fight wrinkles and fine lines from stronger Setting 2. But even if it’s dubbed as stronger, the warmth they felt from the device is a mere gentle heating, like a warm massage. Plus, the device signals when the 4-minute treatment period is over, ensuring that users are able to equally treat the areas of their face. Users welcomed this gentle, warming sensation, as the NEWA’s facial massage was relaxing, just in time for bed.

Worth Every Penny

The NEWA anti aging device retails for $499 CAD from NEWA Online, with the one-time cost probably enough to drive away a handful of people seeking anti aging treatments. Many happy women shared in their NEWA product review their own doubts about making the investment, but with the results they’ve seen in just a month, and continue to see as they maintain regular treatments, it’s definitely a cost that’s quick to generate returns on your investment. At such a small price, you can avoid the larger cost of invasive procedures, such as botox and face lifts, and the total cost of all the anti aging creams you have to invest in to get even just a portion of the results the NEWA anti aging aging device can give, in much lesser time as well.

Inspired by these women’s show of confidence in the NEWA anti aging device? Be one of the many happy users, and who knows, perhaps your NEWA product reviews will inspire the next set of women seeking anti aging treatments. Order your NEWA device online today, or call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

Start NEWA Anti-Aging Device Treatments Young

There’s no exact right age for starting anti-aging device treatments; likewise, there’s not exact age to start adopting healthy lifestyle changes in order to preserve or gain back your fresh, youthful appearance. That said, it’s always better to do what you can, at whatever age to take care of your skin and prevent wrinkles from forming and spreading. With these tips and the use of an expert-approved anti-aging device like the NEWA, you can easily look young, and stay that way.

Personalize Your Skin Care Regimen with NEWA

There’s never a shortage of beauty and skincare products in the market, and before one trend can take off, it’s quickly replaced by a new one already cooking up a storm. But the thing is, not all these hot new products, tips, and tricks, are for everyone. Each person has a different skin type – and dealing with typical problems, such as dryness, oiliness, and being prone to acne requires different treatments, showing that no skin care product is a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, when starting a new skin care regimen, consider what type of skin you have, and use products that target these problems to keep your skin healthy overall.

The NEWA anti-aging device is another treatment that’s designed for many women all over the world looking for a permanent solution to wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Even then, it yields better results when you personalize treatments. For instance, when doing your NEWA anti-aging device boosting period, or continuing regular use as recommended, it greatly helps to combine treatments with its partner activator gels and creams.

Choosing which activator gel or night cream depends on the specific skin condition you want to target, apart from wrinkles and fine lines the device generally treats. There are options for lifting sagging skin, brightening and evening out your complexion, clarifying the skin to get rid of spots and acne, and further boosting the correction of wrinkles.

Eat and Drink Right

You’ve heard ‘you are what you eat’ more than enough, and it’s true down to your skin. A cardinal anti-aging tip for skin at home is staying hydrated and sated with healthy food. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water, but don’t hold back if you feel like drinking more, because the truth is, there’s no magic number. It all depends on your body weight, activity level, health, and the weather. So whatever you do, remember that water is your anti-aging best friend, as there’s nothing more low maintenance than a glass of it to help keep skin smooth, supple, and wrinkle-free.

In addition, get your tummy’s fill with food bursting in antioxidants. These minimize cell damage, fighting aging from the inside. Staples include leafy green veggies, fruits, nuts, and Omega-3-rich protein, like wild salmon. These are also high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and are a rich source of vitamins – because after all, there’s nothing like eating healthy to actually be healthy, and look the part, every bit youthful and radiant.

Sun Safety

Another challenge to anti-aging is damage on the skin caused by sun exposure. Sun protection isn’t just about choosing the sunscreen that packs the highest SPF level either. In reality, protecting your skin from sun damage requires applying and regularly reapplying sunscreen (at least every two hours when you’re outdoors for the day).

If you’re dealing with other skin issues, such as sensitivity, oiliness or being acne-prone, you can use a formula that includes zinc oxide, giving off a nice, matte finish. If your skin is on the healthier side, opt for a chemical-free, all-mineral formulation. Sticking to sunscreen will definitely keep off the sunspots and blemishes, easily providing anti-aging benefits.

Catch the Zzz’s You Need

It’s commonly said as a joke when you’ve had a long day and need to feel refreshed, but beauty sleep turns out to be a real thing. When you sleep, your body uses the time to repair the damage it accumulated during the day. Sleep interrupts the process that slows down cell turnover and interferes with proper blood flow to the skin, causing it to become sallow and susceptible to aging. But when you regularly get the sleep your body needs, you’re less prone to skin conditions, such as acne, eczema and psoriasis from developing and worsening, instantly boosting the effects of anti-aging treatments, like the NEWA.

Aging skin doesn’t really choose an age. Start your NEWA anti-aging device treatments today, and reap the rewards of healthy skin, and a refreshed, youthful look. Order your device online, or call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

Beat the Causes of Aging with the NEWA Home Skin Rejuvenation Device

Aging is inevitable – it’s a natural process our bodies have to go through over time, as we live through more years and celebrate milestones. As it’s inevitable, our best bet is to go with the saying ‘age like fine wine,’ but in reality it’s easier said than done. We may not be able to keep the years from piling up, and our skin from completely negating its signs, but we can certainly take a look at what causes this natural process and be determined enough not to look the part just yet, or add the least number of years we wear on our skin. Discover the causes of aging skin, and learn how home skin rejuvenation devices like the NEWA can bring back your youthful look.

Growing Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Perhaps the most common signs of aging, fine lines and wrinkles develop as the skin’s collagen production declines with age. Aside from this decline, existing collagen is also more likely to get stuck in a crosslinked position, causing our skin to show wrinkles over time. To keep skin properly hydrated and refreshed, it’s necessary to jumpstart the production of new collagen fibers, and repair existing ones that have become damaged and worn out over time. Home skin rejuvenation devices like the NEWA exist mainly to combat fine lines and wrinkles, penetrating with gentle heat and energy the deepest layers of the skin to assist in collagen repair and production. After each treatment session, it also helps to use the NEWA wrinkle corrector night cream to further boost the effects of treatments, and ensure that skin stays supple, firm, and even more younger-looking than ever.

Sagging Skin

As we get older, our skin loses its firmness, causing it to sag. This loss of elasticity is due to the decreasing levels of collagen that keeps our skin tight, firm, and refreshed as in our younger days. Skin typically sags around the cheeks and mouth, and when it does, our age immediately catches up with us, or worse, we end up looking older than we actually are. Lucky for us, home skin rejuvenation devices like the NEWA system targets collagen fibers in the deepest layers of the skin, repairing damaged and worn out fibers, while carefully stimulating the production of new ones to restore a youthful glow.

Skin Blemishes and Age Spots

As modern women, it’s common to be out and about, taking on the world by storm. But just as we conquer the world out in the open, sun exposure and damage also become inevitable, a price to pay for the modern lifestyle. This damage causes the disruption of Melanocytes in the skin, causing too much pigment to be deposited in the keratinocyte layer of the skin – the body’s way of protecting the DNA from free radicals and other damage-causing external factors. In the process, the skin suffers some damage, and sun spots and blemishes develop. To fight this, it’s important to wear sunscreen at all times, and with the help of the NEWA home skin care system, along with its clarifying activator gel and cream, blemishes can fade over time.

Increased Vascularities

Apart from sagging, skin also becomes thinner as we age. When it happens, vessels and broken capillaries in the face, usually surrounding the cheeks and nose become more visible. Not only that, this also results in an increased flushed appearance, or redness, leading us to look blotchy. But with gentle Radiofrequency treatment using the NEWA home skin care system, and accompanied by its brightening gel and cream, we can restore the skin’s appearance, resulting in an even complexion and youthful glow. Additionally, it helps to rethink our lifestyle and examine triggers such as smoking, alcohol, and even spicy food.

Loss of Muscle Tone

Skin isn’t the only thing that sags and loses its firmness when we age; our facial muscles also suffer the same, causing more sagging and loss of the skin’s taut appearance in our youth. To restore a younger appearance and keep the face smooth, firm and toned, a facial massage is recommended, as it’s easier to do, and far less harsh or expensive than many facelifting procedures. Additionally, home skin rejuvenation devices like the NEWA work like a gentle facial massage while stimulating the skin’s collagen and restoring its elasticity, while being far less invasive and completely nontoxic, as opposed to going under the knife.

Fight the most common causes and signs of aging with home skin rejuvenation devices like the NEWA home skin care system. Ready to look younger in just a few months of treatment? Order your device online today, or call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) for more information.

4 Lifestyle Tips for Better NEWA Results

Achieving and maintaining a youthful look as the years go by is largely a factor of lifestyle. As the years go by fine lines develop, wrinkles begin to show, and skin starts to sag; this prompts many to start using various treatments to re-achieve younger looking skin. Along with the use of the NEWA anti-aging device, it’s also important to adopt healthy lifestyle habits that boost the effects of your treatments, and make results more sustainable and long-lasting. Here are some lifestyle changes you can make to achieve a radiant, youthful glow:

It’s All in the Lighting

Stepping out into the sun without sunscreen exposes you to harmful UV rays that over time can cause wrinkles, spots, and even cancer, but the sun isn’t the only source of detrimental UV exposure. Recent studies show that even poor quality indoor lighting can have harmful effects on your skin. LED lightbulbs still emit moderate levels of UV, and overhead lighting in some office buildings and stores radiate a type of light energy that can cause melasma, or brown patches on the face. Luckily, you won’t have to live by candlelight, because using low-wattage or energy-saving CFL bulbs, along with dimmers for lighting control, can protect your skin indoors.

Not All Warm and Toasty is Good

Keeping yourself warm and comfortable is always great, but too much heat brings infrared radiation (IR). This radiation is released from any object that gives off heat, and the hotter things get, more IR is released. Controlled levels of IR can be good for the skin as it triggers collagen and elastin, such as in the NEWA anti-aging device, but excess levels of exposure have been linked to cases of skin spots and melasma. The solution? You won’t have to toss your trusty hot iron or blow-dryer, just avoid exposure to heat when and where you can. For instance, don’t linger in front of a hot stove when you’re not cooking at the moment; mobile phones also emit infrared radiation, so choose a headset when talking for an extended period so the screen isn’t by your face.

Relax the Jaw

Gum is great for fresh breath after eating out, but your skin won’t be thanking you for keeping it in for extended periods, or packing on the chewing action just for leisure. While we may not realize it, the constant chewing motion that overstretch the skin along the jawline, which later on lead to creases around the mouth and sagging skin in that area. When you absolutely have to, chew gum only for no more than 10 minutes, and if you need a quick fix to curb cravings, opt for healthy alternatives like water with lemon or tea instead. To ease fine lines in the area, make sure to use anti-aging devices like the NEWA as you go about your regular skin regimen; to boost effects, use the Wrinkle Corrector Night cream to plump back skin along the jaw.

Look Up and Put the Phone Down

Mobile devices may be everything these days, and hold the key to our lives, but they certainly don’t do much good for the delicate skin in the neck. As you look down to check your phone and stay on it without noticing how much time has gone by, the folding of the skin around the neck can lead to premature wrinkles and loss of elasticity among younger people. Because mobile devices aren’t going away anytime soon, the next best thing for skin in the neck is instead of looking down to check notifications, hold your phone level with the face or eyes to avoid tilting your neck and causing wrinkles. Anti-aging devices like the NEWA also target areas surrounding the face and can help with restoring elasticity of skin in the neck, and be sure to add a wrinkle corrector cream to boost effects.

Use the NEWA Anti-Aging Device

Add the NEWA Home Skin Rejuvenation Device to your daily skin regimen for a month, and continue regular treatments twice a week to maintain results. Anti-aging devices like the NEWA radiate safe amounts of gentle heat along with radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen production in the deepest layers of the skin and replace old, damaged fibers that cause wrinkles and fine lines to develop, taking away your youthful glow.

The NEWA also comes with different activator gels and creams that boost treatment effects, targeting lifting of sagging skin and correcting wrinkles. As well, the NEWA brightening, clarifying, and exfoliating skin to restore its fresh, blemish-free appearance just like in your younger years. All these were designed for at home use, making it easy to take your skincare routine up a notch, while saving you the cost and critical effects of invasive anti-aging procedures.

Adopt these skin-saving lifestyle habits now, and use the NEWA anti-aging device for maximum effect that restores your youthful glow in no time, and gives you younger-looking skin that’s here to stay. Call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) to order.

Your Complete Guide to NEWA Skin Rejuvenation Products

You’re using the NEWA Home Skin Rejuvenation device and are loving it – and that’s great! But, did you know that you can further boost the effects of your treatments, and maintain your younger-looking skin? Your NEWA device comes with skin rejuvenation products that can easily fit into your regular skin regimen, and are great alternatives that will certainly not interfere with your anti-aging treatment.

Not sure what your skin needs? Read our complete guide to NEWA creams designed to be used after treatments, and boost their effects.

Brightening Night Cream

We can’t help but be out in the sun even at one point during the day (even only cloudy days the sun’s rays can reach us), and over time this exposure, coupled with extended periods of being out can lead to a dull and uneven skin tone marred with dark spots and even skin pigmentation. This is why it’s important to wear sunscreen at all times, even on those days that the sun doesn’t seem to be out, as its UV rays will still cause these blemishes to form.

Luckily, even if you’ve gone on without sunscreen in your younger days, you can still reverse the effects of blemishes and dark spots with skin rejuvenation products like the NEWA Brightening Night Cream. This will result in a brighter skin tone, even complexion, and the fading away of spots and blemishes. This skin rejuvenation product is enhanced with the agent ß-White that fights excess melanin production that leads to dark spots, restoring a more even skin tone, and brighter complexion.

After your regular cleansing routine and NEWA skin rejuvenation treatment, apply a generous amount of the Brightening Night Cream to the face and neck in gentle circular motions. As your NEWA anti-aging device targets wrinkles and fine lines and these disappear over time, you’ll also definitely want for blemishes to fade away, now with nothing standing between you, and your refreshed, younger-looking skin.

Clarifying Night Cream

As skin is exposed to the elements, spots and blemishes can form and pores can open up; this results in free radicals and pollutants nesting in its layers and causing skin problems, such as acne. The worst part is, even when the condition is relieved, lasting effects such as scars and marks stay on, standing in the way of clear, smooth skin.

There may be many skin rejuvenation products that can help skin clear over time, but on the Clarifying Night Cream works well with its partner Activator Gel, and your NEWA device, posing no adverse effects on your anti-aging treatments. The Clarifying Night Cream has an advanced formulation that maintains healthy moisture in the skin, and reduces blemishes over time. If your skin is prone to spots and is oily, this night cream is perfect for your regular skincare routine. It is enriched with Acnacidol BG, an active anti-bacterial ingredient that reduces and controls sebum production; and at the same time also packs Bisabolol that is a natural anti-inflammatory for soothing and protecting sensitive skin, reducing redness and restores your natural glow.

To use this skin rejuvenation product, cleanse your skin at night, and after, apply a generous amount of the Clarifying Night Cream to help blemishes fade away, and protect your skin from developing new ones, resulting in a complete youthful glow.

Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream

Your NEWA anti-aging device is primarily for smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines, and firming up your skin to prevent new ones from forming, so why get a wrinkle corrector cream, right?

The Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream is designed to enhance the effects of your NEWA device, further boosting your anti-wrinkle treatment. It nourishes the skin with advanced moisture protection; it also fights the effects of aging by helping smooth out wrinkles and prevent skin from sagging, especially in areas where creases commonly form, such as around the mouth, eyes, forehead, and even the neck.

This night cream is also designed to hydrate the skin and protect it from water loss, which is when skin begins to be less plump, and wrinkles form around common stress points. To use the Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream, cleanse your skin after a long day, and apply a generous amount to your face and neck using gentle circular motions, with focus on areas where lines usually form.

Complete your skincare routine and NEWA anti-aging treatments with these skin rejuvenation products designed to enhance the effects of your NEWA device and bring out the best of your youthful glow. Call us at (442) 244 NEWA (6392) to order.